All year long, you’ve probably been saving money that you were hardly even aware of. The withholding system that automatically sets aside money for taxes is a great way to build up a chunk of cash that you might get back in the following year at tax time. If you've been thinking about getting an exciting new vehicle like a Chevy Silverado 1500 pickup or a GMC Sierra 1500 truck, your tax refund can help you reach that goal at Mildenberger Motors in Hamilton MT.

Make a bigger down payment with the help of your tax refund

The amount of money that you put down on your next new GM car, truck or SUV can make a significant difference in how affordable that vehicle will ultimately be. The ideal would be to put down about 20% of the full selling price or come as close as you can. When you come to our dealership armed with your tax refund, that amount of money might allow you to reach the 20% goal. That can be the extra step you need to drive home in your new dream car.

Use your tax refund to reduce your monthly payments

About three out of every four American taxpayers will be getting a tax refund this year and in many cases, the amount is substantial. In fact, studies show that the average tax refund is about $3,000. What's more, many taxpayers withhold more aggressively and get $4,000 or more. When you use that money to make a bigger down payment, your monthly loan payments will be less and your loan application is more likely to be approved.

Make your tax refund work harder for you by investing it in an exciting new vehicle at Mildenberger Motors in Hamilton MT.

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